Distorted Life

Sometimes I sit and wonder how easy life has become, how very smooth life flows! Social media, ah! Social media! I wonder social media, instead of making is social has made us so very unsocial character! Time, it’s all time’s fault! No, the fault is ours. Newspapers are going to vanish one day, why? Everything is available in the mobile itself! One tap, news read, one tap, done. As simple as that! Why waste money on buying newspapers or should I say distorted sheets of rugged paper?

Mobile, mobile, mobile! I hate the very idea itself, of sitting at a corner in complete melancholy and letting my fingers speak. Some friends promise to come and meet but then they get to see me face to face in video call. What’s the big deal? Job is done, no feelings shared, couldn’t talk for a long time, couldn’t see each others face properly, but what’s the big deal? Job is done. Tearing us apart is the work of this device. I hate it. I HATE IT! Status and status is what people run for. Facebook status, we are doing this and that. What is the use of showing people what we do? I’m tired of this distorted life.

Money, money is what people run for. Money, money and money! Money, let me tell you a very short story about it. One very fine day my father’s friend cam eto our house, good, very well. He asked me what do you want to become when you grow up? I said that I want to become a professor of Comparative Literature and an author. Very well. Now what he said was not that comforting. He said, “Well that’s fine but you will get respect but there is a shortage of money” and my blood started boiling. Money? Who runs for money? I run for respect. Money cannot buy respect, money cannot buy love. Love, kindness and respect are priceless. When my student grows up and reaches his/her aim and still remembers me and meets me or calls me up and tells me that then it is, I think the greatest gift. And that moment of joy is unsharable and priceless.

Be humble, be kind, money and status won’t buy you everything. At least not respect!

Also, throw your phone out of the window that too unless you are 25 and you really need it. *terms and conditions applied*.


6 April 1917, a daunting day for the British soldiers fighting against the Germans during the First World War. Lance Corporal Scholfield (George Mackay) and Lance Corporal Blake (Dean- Charles Chapman)— two British soldiers receive seemingly impossible orders to travel past Écoust and inform the 2nd Devons to stop the attack on the Germans the very following day. They race against time across enemy territory risking their lives to deliver the orders beforehand to Colonel Mackenzie (Bennedict Cumberbatch) and stop the attack in order to save the lives of 1,600 soldiers including Blake’s own brother— Lieutenant Blake (Richard Madden).

Cinematography, Screenplay and Script, Direction, Location, Acting everything was totally amazing! It was spellbinding! Magnificent, gorgeous, bold, daring, audacious! There are no words left that would describe the movie in a correct sense.

Every scene was totally mesmerizing. It was honestly a constant thriller, you couldn’t take your eyes off the screen once the film starts. At some places it will tear your heart, tears will burst out of your eyes and you will, I guarantee you, pray for a British soldier.

Every man suffered in both the fronts be it a British, French, German, be it any man fighting in any front for any country, every one suffered, badly. Every eye shed tears, every heart craved, every voice wailed and cried.

Described beautifully and magnificently. A film that will stay forever and even after you close your eyes, a film creating the deepest impact in your heart. It’s worth an Oscar!

I won’t tell you much, I won’t spoil the beauty of the film! Go watch it! Wow, wow, wow!

Good work Sam Mendes, amazing work, amazing! And to the entire cast and crew. Amazing work!

Schofield and Blake in the enemy territory.
The 2nd Devons attacking on the Germans.
Scholfield in the enemy territory.
Lance Corporal Scholfield.

To The Forgotten Hero

A tragic hero, soulfully misunderstood in his undying efforts to save the people and change their fate. The one who secretly saves his very own motherland but never gets any recognition for it. The one who was regarded as an “International Criminal” and was ordered to shoot at sight. No matter how many times he was insulted and put behind the bars, he tolerated every grudge against him just for the sake of seeing his nation and it’s people free. Today, I, pay a long- due tribute to the greatest forgotten hero of India — Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.

A stark contrast from Gandhi’s pacifism and Nehru’s diplomacy, Netaji believed in fighting till his very last breath. He regarded India and it’s people as his family and fought for them, with them. Netaji was a man in his own right. India’s bravest son. He faced ridicule and animosity from the members of Congress but he had unwavering faith to free India from the British colonial rule.

After all, we Bengalis and for that matter, we Indians, failed to respect the greatest hero! Just because he fled to Japan we thought him to be a sheer coward?! But, we failed to see that he was fighting a guerilla war against the British in India, he did fight until his very last breath. Today, I say that he is the main person who gave us freedom without him the British would have never left India. And about Gandhi and Nehru, they were doing a business with our freedom and we honor them, not him!

Today, I salute the man who sacrificed his life for his motherland and it’s people. Whether he died in the plain crash in Japanese Taiwan or as Gumnaami Baba in India, wherever he died and whatever be the cause but during his death where the entire India should have been present to witness the death of a hero, maybe, only some were present.

After all this is what he deserves, to be called a “coward” and severely humiliated?!

I am, however, deeply grieved to say that 23rd January, till date, remains the only day we pay tribute to the forgotten hero.

If Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is the ‘Father of our nation’ then Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose is the “Protector and Guardian of our Nation” and Bengal’s pride.

Every Bengali born has Netaji’s blood flowing in their veins and till Bengalis survive in this world Netaji will remain immortal.

Today, I pay tribute and serve the honor of the man who served the nation.


Winding Paths

Some paths are left forever, we don’t disturb them ever. Some paths are left back, way back.

When I take a look back at my life I realise that I never ever intended my life to be like this. So many new faces have entered and so many familiar faces left! I begin to think life, as I should say, would have been happier and satisfactory if it would have been like I wanted. But at the same time I deny myself. I’m happily happy now! Everyone around me is happy and so I’m happy. But I’ve left some paths and I’ve left them for good, I’ll never walk back those paths again. Maybe at some point of time those roads on which I’ve trodden my footsteps for days and months and years will remember me as that little chubby schoolgirl or a girl who used to chime and run all the way down in excitement of meeting a forgotten friend or a young girl carrying her bag and running for her tutions or maybe a young lady holding on to her parent’s arms and walking gaily down the winding paths. Those paths which I have walked down so many years seems a little unwelcoming. The almost familiar faces, shops, houses and lampposts I’ve seen for years seems to forget me now, a bit unfamiliar, weird. I see now, when I walk down those lanes, they are changed and so am I. Nothing remains similar now. The voices, the sounds, the humming cacophony of the rickshaw bells nothing. Nothing.

But somewhere deep in my heart it craves to walk down those hasty winding paths and revive the memories I’ve left back there. To be the little schoolgirl, the little giggling girl, a hasty tution runner and a young lady walking down arm in arm with my bubby and mamma. I may be a forgotten little girl in those winding paths but I remember you. Everyday. Happily.


17th January 2020

“Ekhan theke Onnyokhane” (From here to somewhere else) Naiyor’s songs!

Today Bondhu was a bit different than expected. Now, what difference am I even talking about? A trip? Kind of, well more appropriate to say a ‘musical trip’. Today our two current Bondhu members Samya dada and Tamalika didi(she was the host) and many ex Bondhu members sang loads of beautiful and mindblowing songs. A ‘Naiyor’ evening it was today! Songs and music and rhythm and laughter and tunes! What not did we enjoy today? In the situation that we all Indians are currently in, this was like a breath of fresh air. Activities were short but experiences were more than we could have wished for before the stressful final terms begin. Till then adieu and keep listening to wonderful songs. It gives you happiness. A lot.

Naiyor team

Unadmired Truth

Truth, tell me what it means

Does it only heals?

The soul of a shattered heart

or gains

The trust of a broken start?

Truth is what you want to hear

But is it something you can bear?

You live in a world full of lies

That cheats you with innocent smiles.

Truth is what you want to see

But it’s too harsh for you and me,

For unable to bear it we’ll cry

Maybe that’s how our faith dies.

Lie is our hidden desire,

Lie is what we love to admire,

But lie is the real demon

That loves to spread its poisonous venom.

It kills you slowly

But you can’t feel,

And when it does

You can’t be healed.

But truth will save us in the end

And it’s not something whom you’d want as a friend

Maybe truth is your subconscious desire,

But it’s not something you’ve learnt to admire.

— Debadrita Dey

Living, Questioned.

Curfew in Assam. No going out after 2p.m. Being questioned whether you belong to this country or not, even if your family has lived here for decades! And all because you don’t have an aadhar card or a document proving that you really belong to this country. To live in a country you have to prove yourself whether you really belong here or not, whether you are “fit” to stay here or not! The leaders of India are narrow minded nationalists. Or is it even right to call them nationalists? Muslims and Assamese are being thrown out. Why? Have they done anything? Even if they have, you can’t judge an entire religion on the basis of some hideous people belonging to that religion. Now that such things are done, the amount of rape cases will increase, safety of women will be questioned, murder will take place on a large scale and people will become more aggressive. Benefit of creating this sense of aggression? Revolt. Killing of many. Patients dying due to train delays. India becoming a more unsafe country for women. End result? Hatred. Aggression.

Today my aunt called my mother and asked her to get me into karate. Why? Well, because India has become a highly unsafe country for women. Going out after 10p.m. oh, don’t worry we Indians guarantee you that that woman will get raped. Women are not even safe in their own houses! Whom will you trust? My mother agreed to the idea readily and will enroll me the next year. I can’t imagine the situation. It has become so worse that we have to learn karate to be safe! I wish their comes a day when men have to take karate classes too for self defense.

The leaders here are telling people to revolt with harmony?! We have got plenty of educated leaders haven’t we? Let’s throw them out of their house one fine morning for the dirty game of politics that they are playing and let’s see how they revolt with harmony.

Narendra Modi is trying to become Adolf Hitler? The greatest dictator of all times? Well, Hitler built concentration camps for the Jews, Gypsies, Polish and other people whom he referred to as being undesirable. What will Modi build for the Assamesse and the Muslims? Well if he is trying to make India a disinfected country then I wonder my living space will also be questioned one day in spite of being a holder of aadhar card. Or do I have to wear something like a “star of David” that would mark me as to belonging to a particular religion. Well, to be honest I don’t think that day is too far too.

I being a Hindu insist this to be stopped! I insist! You cannot question someone’s living space, you have no right! Give severe punishment to the ones committing the crimes, hang them if necessary but do not question an entire religion on the basis of a few hooligans.

Am I, being a girl afraid to live in this country? Yes, I am.