6 April 1917, a daunting day for the British soldiers fighting against the Germans during the First World War. Lance Corporal Scholfield (George Mackay) and Lance Corporal Blake (Dean- Charles Chapman)— two British soldiers receive seemingly impossible orders to travel past Écoust and inform the 2nd Devons to stop the attack on the Germans the very following day. They race against time across enemy territory risking their lives to deliver the orders beforehand to Colonel Mackenzie (Bennedict Cumberbatch) and stop the attack in order to save the lives of 1,600 soldiers including Blake’s own brother— Lieutenant Blake (Richard Madden).

Cinematography, Screenplay and Script, Direction, Location, Acting everything was totally amazing! It was spellbinding! Magnificent, gorgeous, bold, daring, audacious! There are no words left that would describe the movie in a correct sense.

Every scene was totally mesmerizing. It was honestly a constant thriller, you couldn’t take your eyes off the screen once the film starts. At some places it will tear your heart, tears will burst out of your eyes and you will, I guarantee you, pray for a British soldier.

Every man suffered in both the fronts be it a British, French, German, be it any man fighting in any front for any country, every one suffered, badly. Every eye shed tears, every heart craved, every voice wailed and cried.

Described beautifully and magnificently. A film that will stay forever and even after you close your eyes, a film creating the deepest impact in your heart. It’s worth an Oscar!

I won’t tell you much, I won’t spoil the beauty of the film! Go watch it! Wow, wow, wow!

Good work Sam Mendes, amazing work, amazing! And to the entire cast and crew. Amazing work!

Schofield and Blake in the enemy territory.
The 2nd Devons attacking on the Germans.
Scholfield in the enemy territory.
Lance Corporal Scholfield.