17th January 2020

“Ekhan theke Onnyokhane” (From here to somewhere else) Naiyor’s songs!

Today Bondhu was a bit different than expected. Now, what difference am I even talking about? A trip? Kind of, well more appropriate to say a ‘musical trip’. Today our two current Bondhu members Samya dada and Tamalika didi(she was the host) and many ex Bondhu members sang loads of beautiful and mindblowing songs. A ‘Naiyor’ evening it was today! Songs and music and rhythm and laughter and tunes! What not did we enjoy today? In the situation that we all Indians are currently in, this was like a breath of fresh air. Activities were short but experiences were more than we could have wished for before the stressful final terms begin. Till then adieu and keep listening to wonderful songs. It gives you happiness. A lot.

Naiyor team


6th December 2019

After a long time, no? Well that’s how it feels when you are away for too long from a place you love.

Saltlake has cooled down a bit but mashi’s warm smile is enough to keep a person warm and happy.

So back after a long time with Rik and Srijit joining us again, happy to find that they are back in Bondhu!

Today started with our usual khobor telling session which was as usual filled with a lot of exciting news.

We started off today with Rik playing the table and we trying to synchronize and say a part of the story Jokhon Choto Chilam by Satyajit Ray. You may think that it is impossible but let me tell you, in Bondhu nothing is really impossible! And we did it, quite beautifully. Them came my favourite part, mashi read a paragraph related to shadows from that book. Mashi reading a story was all that was needed to make the day even more beautiful and happy! We also feasted our ears by listening to a song from Mahesh.

We then tore newspapers and stuck it on chart papers that will be displayed in Golpobela (don’t forget to come to Golpobela!). Then we were separated into two groups and both the groups had to come up with a story through shadow art.

We made a tiger-deer-vampire story with Samya Dada continuously prompting me, Nuit forgetting our weird story halfway and Rik ended up calling my vampire a ghost! The other team told us a piece from Bible. But it was amazing! It was a whole new wonderful experience.

We filled our stomachs with luchi and sada alur torkari. The day was amazing!

The day ended with Rik’s song.

What a beautiful day spent!

Next meeting in Golpobela, do come, all of you! Will be looking forward for your participation!

Our shadow story performance.

The Shadow fun continues

Golpobela official poster.